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Although rather small, Studio Wah-Wah is a very capable recording studio, located in Oulu, Finland. We offer high quality services and facilities to music business ventures and private musicians at very competitive rates. Our main activities centre around the production, recording and mixing of music, but we also record educational materials, talking books, etc..

All musicians, producers and professionals in the music field are warmly welcome to the studio. Waiting for you are acoustic-treated, air conditioned studio facilities. All manner of recording projects are greeted with enthusiasm and all music genres are catered for, especially blues, soul, funk, jazz, progressive and rock music. So far, our furthermost guests have come from Japan. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at



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AVID Pro tools|HD 2 Accel
Digidesign 192 I/O (2)
Avid C|24
SSL XLogic X-Rack SuperAnalogue™ Steinberg Wavelab 7
NI Komplete 8 Ultimate
Universal Audio UAD2-PCIe (2)
Mac pro (Nehalem)

Adam A8X
Adam Sub10 MKII
Genelec 8240A
Yamaha HS50M
Sony MDR-7509 HD,
Sennheiser HD-25 II,
Beyerdynamic DT-100,...

AKG C214
AKG C414 XLS ltd
AKG C414 XLII ST (2), matched stereo set
AKG C460B + CK62-ULS
AKG C519 M
AKG C900
AKG C4000B
AKG D112
AKG 820 Tube
Audio Technika AT3031 (2)
Beyerdynamic opus89
Neumann KM 184 (2), matched stereo set
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann U87 (vintage 70s)
Rode NT1-A (2), matched stereo set
Samson CM11B
Sennheiser e606
Sennheiser e901
Sennheiser MD-421 (vintage 1962)
Sennheiser MD-421 (vintage 70s)
Sennheiser MD-441N (2) (vintage 70s)
SE Electronics RT-Ribbon
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58
Shure SM7B
Shure beta SM56A
Shure beta SM58
Studio Projects C1 MKII,...


Preamps and Compressors
Avid C|24 (16)
BAE Audio 1073 MPF (4) !
Hill Audio remix analog mixing console (24)
Focusrite ISA828 + 192kHz ADC card (8)
MS Audiotron analog mixer (incl. Lundahl transformers) (12)
SPL Goldmike 9844 (2)
TL Audio 5060 Ivory II pre/comp (2)
Universal Audio 710 Twin-finity
Universal Audio 6176 pre/comp
Universal Audio LA-610 MKII pre/comp (2)
SSL G series stereo bus compressor
SSL XLogic X-Rack VHD Input pre, E Series Dynamics compressor, Four Channel Input Modules

Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL
Fender bassman, 50W (vintage 1972)
Fender deluxe reverb (vintage 1972)
Fender vibrolux reverb (vintage 1974)
Fender twin reverb, 100W (vintage 1976)
Fender vibro champ (vintage 1976)
Marshall super lead MKII (vintage 1974)
Sessionette 75 (vintage 1985)
(Marshall & Fender guitar cabinets,
Ampeg bass cabinet)

Effects Pedals
'63 Fender reverb
Boss CE-2 chorus
Boss HM-2
Boss BF-2 flanger
Dunlop crybabe wah-wah
Ibanez tubescreamer TS7
Ibanez tubescreamer TS9DX
Marshall drive Master
Marshall ED-1 Compressor

DW TimbreMatched™ Shells - North American Hard Rock Maple
7" x 8" Fast-Tom
8" x 10" Fast-Tom
9" x 10" Fast-Tom
13" x 10" Fast-Tom
12" x 14" Standard Tom
16" x 14" Standard Tom
22" x 20" Alternate Bass Drum
13" x 5" 10+6 ply Snare Drum
DW9000 Series Heavy Duty Hardware
Congas, percussions...



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